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Icon Pharma manufactures a wide range of Pharmaceutical formulations at its independent, state-of- the-art manufacturing facilities, which also house independent quality control departments and research & development units. We has two fully automated, state-of- the-art independent production units. We are also coming up with a third state of the art sterile facility, specifically targeted for the regulated markets.

Highest priority is given to the quality-control factor and adequate precautions are taken to ensure that there are no lapses on the production front. Our embraces GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards, including WHO GMP norms laid down by the World Health Organization and cGMP norms laid down in the "Revised Schedule M" by the Drug Controller (General) India, Ministry of Health, and Government of India.

Here are some of the real life images from Ciron's brand new sterile manufacturing facility in compliance with USFDA , EU & PIC/S cGMP requirements.

Contract Manufacturing :

Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company, launched and initiated together with a modern lyophilizer for injection and bulk. GMP quality assurance procedures guarantee peak performance of all products. With the assistance of latest equipment, the automated and modern production process has been prepared. We offer a complete range of services with prompt and reliable assistance for all our customers. We manufacture an extensive spectrum of branded pharmaceutical formulations in almost any form. Importers, distributors, and agents are always welcome to help us introduce our products in their national markets.

Your entire product definition information is being captured and organized by Icon Pharma in a secure online environment, so everyone works together on the same set of product data. Your organization will able to share information internally easily and securely. In addition, outsourced partners and suppliers can also be invited to view and work with information as much or as little as you choose. CIRON solves the challenges of working with an extended design chain so your outsourcing partnerships can work better for you.


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